Highland Scoundrel Picture Book

Welcome to Monica's illustrated guide for readers who like visuals to accompany their reading pleasure. Take a journey through history as she brings the pages of her books to life with pictures.

Stirling Castle, Stirlingshire. Where Genie and Duncan first meet. (Chapter Two).

The Great Hall of “Stirling Castle was the largest ever built in Scotland;” Genie points out that it’s bright color (it was recently repainted to historically accurate color!) makes a “poor backdrop to hide” while she waits to sneak away with Duncan. (Chapter Three).

The “tunnel of the North Gate into the Nether Bailey below” through which they leave the castle. (Chapter Three).
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The ruins of Castleswene (or Castle Sween) “the ancient stronghold on the west coast of Knapdale,” and “one of the oldest stone castles in Scotland built to guard the mouth of Loch Sween,” (visible below). (Chapters Nine and Sixteen).

“The Campbells of Auchinbreck were the traditional keepers of the castle,” it had been “given over to [them] for their service and loyalty by Robert the Bruce.” (Chapters Nine and Sixteen).

Inside the castle.

A view down the sea loch of Loch Sween toward the sound of Islay. You can see how Genie and Duncan “could embark directly from Castleswene and land right at Dunyvaig.” (Chapter Twenty).
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Dunyvaig Castle, “the MacDonald’s stronghold on the eastern seaboard of Islay” where Duncan and Elizabeth go to find Duncan’s mother. (Chapter Twenty). Truly one of the most breathtaking places I’ve been.
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