Highland Unchained Picture Book

Welcome to Monica's illustrated guide for readers who like visuals to accompany their reading pleasure. Take a journey through history as she brings the pages of her books to life with pictures.

Lady’s Rock: The “rock between Lismore and Mull” on the Firth of Lorn where Lady Elizabeth Campbell was marooned and left to die by her husband, the Chief of MacLean of Coll. (Prologue)

Strontoiller Standing Stone and Stone Circle (copyright Clive Ruggles, University of Leicester). Flora “stared at the large standing stone at the edge of the grassy meadow” while sitting (accidentally) on one of the stones in the circle when they stop for a break on their ride to Drimnin Castle. (Chapter Two)

Looking toward Drimnin from Tobermory, Mull. Drimnin Castle is where Lachlan takes the “kidnapped” Flora. (Chapter Two)

St. Kilda: The smelly fulmar oil that Flora uses on Lachlan’s sword was from “the remote isle of St. Kilda” and “was part of her brother Rory’s lands.” (Chapter Four)

Blackness Castle: “The King’s impenetrable stronghold” where Lachlan’s brother is imprisoned. (Chapter Fourteen)

Isle of Coll, view from ship. “The birlinn docked at the seaside village of Arinagour on the Isle of Coll, giving her [Flora] the first look at Lachlan’s baronial stronghold that was now in the possession of her brother.” (Chapter Twenty)

Breacachadh Castle: The MacLean of Coll stronghold and the subject of dispute between Lachlan and Flora’s brother Hector. “Much like Drimnin, Breacachadh was a simple tower house construction with a turnpike stair on the southeast corner overlooking the sea.” (Chapter Twenty)

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